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On August 12, 2016, the rain started, and through the first weekend alone, parishes in Louisiana saw up to two feet of rain. So far, this historic storm has taken the lives of 13 people and has led to more than 30,000 water rescues. The damage is vast with more than 60,000 homes either damaged or totally lost. Nonprofit agencies are coordinating on the ground to meet the initial and long-term needs of the more than 110,000 who have been displaced.

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Good360 amplifies the value of your cash donation by leveraging strategic partnerships to acquire and distribute critically needed goods.

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Our Nonprofit Partners

These nonprofits have immediate product needs. Your donation will fund those needs.

Help Louisiana Flood Victims

Help Louisiana Flood Victims

Over the past 33 years, Good360 has distributed more than $9 billion in goods to those in need, including victims of disaster. It can take years for communities to recover after a disaster – we focus on getting the right product to the right people at the right time now and for the long-term.

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Are you a nonprofit helping in Louisiana?

Are you a nonprofit helping in Louisiana?

Good360’s DisasterRecovery360 platform allows you to identify and communicate your product needs as they change over time, all on our mobile app. We work with corporate donors to source the products you need and we can store product until you’re ready for it.

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Our Corporate Partners

Thank you to our generous partners for their contributions to help disaster-impacted communities in need.

Disaster Recovery for the Long Term

Through our DisasterRecovery360 platform, Good360 is supporting recovery efforts in a number of natural, manmade and humanitarian disasters, including those noted below.

  • West Virginia Floods

    At the end of June, West Virginia received rain that led to flooding across the state with the National Weather Service dubbing this a "one-in-a-thousand-year event". With 23 people dead and thousands of damaged or destroyed homes, these floods have devastated individuals and families throughout the state. Good360 is working with nonprofit partners that are leading the recovery initiative.

  • Flint, MI Water Crisis

    In April 2014, Flint’s water source was switched from the Detroit water system to the Flint River. Because the river water was not properly treated, lead from the city’s water pipes and lines leached into the drinking water. Good360 has partnered with local nonprofits to help support the ongoing recovery efforts to return safe water to the people of Flint.

  • Syrian Refugee Crisis

    The refugee crisis escalated in 2015 with UNHCR estimating that as many as 11 million migrants and refugees have fled to reach safety in other countries. These individuals and families are risking their lives to try and gain a better life with not much more than the clothes on their backs. Good360 is assisting our international NGO partners with this humanitarian crisis in countries across Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Who is Good360 and how are we supporting disaster recovery?

A 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit that works with corporations, charities and individuals to make the business of giving simpler, more efficient and more effective. Good360 will be receiving real-time product needs from our nonprofits on the ground. We are also working with local foundations and community groups to develop long-term recovery plans so that when the media leaves, the community continues to be served fully.

What is DisasterRecovery360?

The disaster recovery arm of Good360 that connects on-the-ground nonprofits with corporate donors to ensure that the right goods get to the right people at the right time during all stages of a disaster.

I am a nonprofit, how can I help?

If you are a 501(c)3 working on-the-ground in Louisiana, please go to and register. From there you can create a Needs List for all the items you need while serving the community. We will then take those needs to our corporate partners in order to fulfill them as quickly as possible.

I am an individual, how can I help?

Local nonprofits are working hard to provide necessary items to the impacted community. They need your help in securing these items. You can donate on this page and your gift will go towards specific products and goods that local nonprofits have identified as critical needs at various stages of recovery.

What if I have products that I want to donate personally?

During times of disaster, people often want to donate product personally. However, the type of products needed during disaster recovery are very specific and they change over the course of the recovery cycle. Unfortunately, up to 60% of goods donated directly by individuals are not usable and end up wasted. That’s why Good360 is focused on ensuring that the right products get to the right people at the right time during all stages of a disaster. A cash donation to Good360 means that we can ensure your gift is channeled to its most efficient and impactful use in Louisiana.

I am a corporate donor, how can I help?

Our registered nonprofits need your help. If you have product to donate, please complete the donation form here and one of our team members will get back to you right away.