How Good360 is supporting Louisiana flood victims

Good360 is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit that is dedicated to providing the RIGHT GOODS to the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME during all stages of a disaster. Since 1983, Good360 has delivered over $9 billion of product to nonprofits that serve people in need, including those impacted by disasters. 

The sad reality is that there is a significant misalignment between how and when people and corporations give during times of disaster versus the actual recovery needs during the different stages of a disaster. As a result, the generous outpouring of well-intentioned individual and corporate in-kind gifts often ends in failure with up to 60% of all donated products ending up in landfills because the wrong products were delivered or they were delivered at a time when they could not be used. A lack of communication and coordination with the responding nonprofits on the ground can create further chaos at the disaster site. 

Good360, together with our partners, is committed to addressing these challenges by leveraging strategic partnerships, innovative technology and our experience in supply chain in order to educate and encourage all donors to give thoughtfully and purposefully.

We communicate directly with nonprofits on the ground in order to understand their product needs as they evolve in the days, weeks, months and years following a disaster.  From immediate response to long-term recovery, we focus on getting the right products to the right response organizations at the right time. 

Disaster recovery is complex and requires a long-term commitment from stakeholders.  Today, the flood-impacted communities of Louisiana need cleaning supplies for the ‘mucking out and mold remediation’ phase, school supplies for children who have lost everything and hygiene products to replace their basic daily hygiene needs.  In the coming weeks, families will need to begin replacing all of their damaged furniture, clothing, and personal items destroyed by the floods. 

Your Good360 donation dollars go towards finding, delivering and deploying these products as they are needed.  We start with today’s needs and we store tomorrow’s needs until the community is ready for them.  Good360 extends the impact of your giving dollar by leveraging our product and shipping partnerships – the value of $1 donated can be amplified exponentially.  

Good360 remains an integral partner with our responding nonprofits throughout the entire recovery process which often lasts years. Our corporations and individual donors know that the donations they make will make an impact for years to come. To join our efforts and support Southeastern Louisiana, click here.  You can support Louisiana flood victims in a way that really makes a difference.