In 2015, a stubborn pediatrician in Flint, Michigan stood up and spoke out when it mattered most for the children of the Flint community, holding a press conference to announce to the world the findings of her team’s independent study on the impacts of possible lead contamination of the Flint River. These findings revealed that the blood-lead levels had doubled and even tripled in children since the city switched its water supply in 2014, with possibly up to 12,000 children having been exposed to the contaminated water.

Good360 is taking that same action-focused approach to the response and long-term recovery effort in order to get the right products to the right people and the right time, servicing the imminent water and future health needs of the city of Flint, a city where 40% of the families live below the poverty level.

Good360 is galvanizing corporate, foundation, and individual donors, and collaborating with nonprofit partners on the ground to provide EPA approved supplies to the Flint School District and Genesee Intermediate School District through the end of the calendar year and beyond.

To support the ongoing response efforts to supply Flint with clean drinking and bathing water, donate to the Good360’s Flint Product Donation Registry to help cover the delivery cost of these much needed goods to the verified nonprofit partners on the ground. Corporate donors can also join and donate products that are immediately needed as recovery continues.

The crisis in Flint did not have to happen, but you can help ensure a bright future for the children of Flint